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2023 Hobbs Farm Food Donation Program

2023 Hobbs Farm Food Donation Program

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Donation to Hobbs Farm Food Bank Program

Over the past two years, we have doubled our goal for donating freshly grown produce to local food banks, thanks to you!

So...this year, we are asking for your help to raise the bar and see if we can donate a minimum of $2k once again.

Every donor to our Food Bank Program (whether that's you or a person of your choosing) receives a thank you card signed by our farmers noting the donation and that 100% of the donation will go towards providing freshly grown produce to our designated charities. In 2022, those were primarily The Movement Family in Lawrence in support of their weekly dinners, as well as the Newmarket Community Church. We donated 430 lbs of food, grown right here on Hobbs Farm.

Supporting this effort is a great way to make giving a part of your holiday tradition. Our team and the charities above thank you!

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